EC120 B

The EC120 B is a helicopter type developed by Eurocopter, now days knows as the Airbus Helicopters H120. The helicopter is very user friendly, cost effective with good safety margins.

Development and design

The helicopter type was developed and put into production late 1990 and since then around 700 EC120 B have been produced with more than 400 operators. The helicopter can carry up to 4 passengers whilst still maintaining good comfort. The seats both in the front and in the back are energy-attenuating to provide the passengers with the best safety possible.

Characteristics and missions

Instead of a traditional tail rotor the EC120 B incorporates a fenstron which reduces the noise level significantly. It's actually very quite and the ducted fan also increase the safety for the personnel working around the helicopter when the rotor is turning. This helicopter type is used to a wide variety of missions around the world. For us we'll be using it mainly for Power Line Inspections and Flight Training. We will also offer it to customers who just want to have a nice flight around the archipelago of course.


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