Flight Training

HeliAir Academy is not just a flight school that will teach you to fly a helicopter, but more than that: we are the training organisation of Sweden’s largest helicopter operator. The operational part of HeliAir Sweden flies annually over 7 000 hours of production for our customers, and all instructors fly aerial work missions full time when not working with the students at the school. This makes us at HeliAir uniquely equipped to give you the extra stuff that makes just you stand out in the crowd…

During the training at HeliAir Academy, you have the opportunity to go all the way from the beginning towards becoming a professional pilot performing sling load operations or other advanced operations. We only use turbine engine helicopters in our fleet, this gives us better safety and performance. It’s also an advantage to have flown a turbine helicopter when you apply for a job in the future. Most of the training will be performed at our home base in Västerås with good practice areas and with great off-airport landing sites in the vicinity.

We have an ATO approval to conduct the following training courses:

Private Pilot License Helicopter PPL(H)
Commercial Pilot License Helicopter CPL(H)
Night Qualification (NQ)
Instrument Rating

Type Ratings on
– Airbus AS350 / H125
– MD500/HU369
– Bell UH-1H
– Airbus EC-135

Other services that we offer you:

Proficiency Checks (PC)
Special Training Courses

Beside the flight training, our flight instructors at HeliAir Academy are performing all the other services that HeliAir Sweden can offer such as sling load operations and power line inspections. Having instructors with real aerial work experience is one of the key factors in making your flight training the best possible on the market.