• Boost Systems 2017 - The New Standard in Human External Cargo

Human External Cargo (HEC)

We are the first operator in Sweden to have an authorisation to perform Human External Cargo (HEC) operations. This type of mission will be performed...
1 January 2018

Airbus H125

We just took delivery at the Airbus factory in Marseille for a brand new H125. Meet Swedcopter 961. Once again we show our customers we aim to have...
21 December 2017

Aerial Work with female crew

During the last weeks we have been conducting thermal imaging with one of our AS350. This time with a flight crew of three very proficient women....
29 November 2017
  • HESLO in Stockholm's archipelago

Specialised Operations

A couple of weeks ago we received authorisation to conduct Specialised Operations in accordance with EASA Regulations. In a couple of days the...
19 October 2017
  • Full Down Autorotation in EC120B

Helicopter Flight Training

As an operator specialised in Aerial Work with helicopters the training for our pilots is very important. We put a lot of time and effort to make our...
16 October 2017

Thermal Imaging and Corona Surveys

We have the capability to conduct surveys with both IR Camera and UV Camera. We use this equipment today to inspect power lines. The main usage for...
11 October 2017

Montmell Firefighters Summer 2017

During the summer 2017 Swedcopter 993 and 958 was in Spain during their Fire Fighting season. Seen below is a video from some of the missions...
2 October 2017

Sea Survival Training

We constantly keep our crew up-to-date when it comes to emergency situations. Now it was time for a scenario where we have no other option than to...
24 August 2017

Helicopter Sightseeing 2017

Our season for sightseeing flights has started and we are operating around the whole country at the moment. Before our sightseeing flight are...
27 July 2017

Västerås Summer Meet 2017

We will arrange helicopter tours during Västerås Summer Meet 2017. The event started 6th of July and will continue until 8th of July. During the...
7 July 2017

AS350 B3+ joined the fleet

Last week we brought a new helicopter home to Västerås from Switzerland. This one is an AS350 B3+ and is now registered as SE-JSD with the callsign...
30 June 2017

AS350 Fever

It's time to expand the fleet again! And of course it's going to be with a couple of AS350 / H125. The H125 / AS350 have a performance that...
11 May 2017



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HeliAir Sweden is a qualified helicopter operator with several bases in Sweden, a large fleet, quality equipment for all purposes and a highly professional staff. We are specialized in aerial work and film & TV production with our own Cineflex systems, V14 HiDEF och Cineflex ELITE.

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