Sightseeing tours 2018

Welcome to fly with us during the summer in July at the locations below. A local sightseeing flight for 300 SEK / person. The schedule for late July will be published later. (Flights might be canceled due to bad weather).

fredag 20/7
Västerås Camping Ängsö kl 16
Skantzö Bad & Camping kl 19
Kolleviks Camping kl 11
Ronneby Havscamping kl 13
Skeppeviks Camping kl 16
Burgsviks Camping kl 18

lördag 21/7
Haga Park kl 12
Ekerum Camping kl 16
Sonjas Camping kl 17:30
Eskilns Camping kl 12:30
Främby Udde Camping kl 16

söndag 22/7
Mora Parken kl 11
Orsa Camping kl 12:30
Västanviksbadets Camping kl 18:30
Rättviks Camping kl 19
Böda Hamns Camping kl 12
Källa Hamn kl 13:30
Orrefors Stugby kl 17
Kosta Camping kl 18
Tingsryds Camping kl 19:30

måndag 23/7
Kristinehamns Herrgårdscamping kl 15
First Camp Karlstad – Skutberget kl 16
Frykenbadens Camping kl 17:30
Mjölknabbens Camping kl 16
Evedals Camping kl 18

tisdag 24/7
Vimmerby Camping Nossenbaden kl 18
Årjäng Camping kl 19:30

onsdag 25/7
Dalslands Camping kl 14
Vita Sandars Camping kl 16
Västervik Resort kl 12:45
Eköns Camp kl 17
Mons Camping kl 19

torsdag 26/7
Svärdsklova Skärgårdsbyn kl 18:30
Hafsten SweCamp kl 10:30
Vindöns Camping kl 15

fredag 27/7
Sundsörns Camping kl 12
Örlenbadets Camping kl 14:30
Södra Lundby, traktorrace kl 17
Lida Friluftsgård kl 13:30

lördag 28/7
Lövekulle Camping kl 15
Almön Camping kl 16

söndag 29/7
Hunnebostrands Idrottsplats kl 11:30
GrebbestadFjordens Camping kl 13
Seläter Camping kl 16:30
Sundsveden kl 19:30

No reservation, 300 SEK cash or Swish. Welcome!

(Charter the helicopter and bring max 6 persons, 15 minutes for 4500 SEK or 30 minutes for 8000 SEK.)


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HeliAir Sweden is a qualified helicopter operator with several bases in Sweden, a large fleet, quality equipment for all purposes and a highly professional staff. We are specialized in aerial work and film & TV production with our own Cineflex systems, V14 HiDEF och Cineflex ELITE.

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