Commercial Air Transport

VIP Services

HeliAir Sweden has delivered quite a few VIP transports during the years. By utilising our unique network of contacts and partners we handle all aspects of the whole project, and make sure that everything works perfectly.

When everything just has to click.
VIP assignments normally entail high demands on the supplier. Not only on the helicopter, but even more on all staff involved. The margins are usually small to none, and leave no room for deviations from the original plans. Meetings, presentations, connections or other activities require punctuality and sometimes a lot is at stake…

How do we do it?
Together with our partners we handle everything related to the project, all from the start of the journey, via arrival service at international or domestic airports, throughout the entire itinerary, until the complete project is done. We claim to possess the knowledge, experience and skills required to tailor any solution required, be it helicopter, cars, boats or airplanes. Our staff will assist you in all other matters as well such as bookings, reservations, administration of activities etc etc. All that is required for the VIP project.

During the assignment…
We are available 24/7 during the whole project. Real-time GPG positioning gives us complete control of all our helicopters, and our operations planning staff can always be one step ahead. When the helicopter arrives at the destination we have already prepared for the next step of the project. We never let go of monitoring and control before a VIP project is completely delivered!

Helicopter Taxi

With our fleet of some ten helicopters in different sizes, and with pilots in constant readiness, we pick you up and take you to your destination guaranteeing that you arrive at the right time. Our operations department will take care of your request and give you a fixed price for the ride at once.

It is extremely rare that we don’t find a solution for your air taxi needs…

Corporate events

A helicopter flight in connection with a company event can mean just about anything. Anything from transporting the entire staff to the banquet hall to fast paced adventures in the archipelago with high speed RIBs mixed with helicopter flights. We at HeliAir Sweden have completed a variety of arrangements for companies and organizations over the years, and you are more than welcome to get in touch with us. We have lots of suggestions and ideas already proven successful…

Special occasions

Would you like to arrive at your wedding or a party in a way that no one ever forgets? Then let us take you there in a helicopter! Thanks to the helicopter’s ability to take off and land almost anywhere, we can pick up and drop off passengers exactly where it counts, right in the center of events…

Sightseeing and round trips

The experience of flying helicopter beats most things. Whether it’s seeing Västerås from the air or an adrenalin packed round trip in connection with a trade show or event…

Västerås from above
Experience an unforgettable helicopter sightseeing and see Västerås city from above!

In Västerås, your helicopter sightseeing starts at our main base just outside the town or some other desired location. Give the pilot the GPS coordinates to your house or country home and we’ll take a swing past it if it is possible? A helicopter sightseeing takes about half an hour from takeoff to landing, and our helicopters carry 3-5 passengers. Don’t forget your camera!

Round trips at events
Quick round trips with helicopter is often an appreciated feature at various events, giving people a chance to fly helicopter at a significantly lower price than normal. Under the right circumstances we are happy to help with a round trip in connection with your event. Doing so, we provide everything related to this; barriers, ticket sales, fuel and ground staff. HeliAir Sweden has a large fleet of helicopters and should your event require, it is often possible to use either a larger helicopter or even two machines.